Sheercoons Cristiano Ronaldo

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Cristiano is O'Toole's son and he has inherited many of the genes his father brought to Sheercoons genepool, namely a very sturdy skull and body.

Sheercoons Panther


Panther is turning into a very handsome and sweet gentlecat. I love him so much.

Alberto Tomba Canary Hunter

Parents: Moon-Devil Silver Pearl & Dior Blue vom Gahlenhof

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Tomba is such a nice boy. I am very grateful to Birgit and Guido for letting another Canary Hunter move in with us. Tomba is an very athletic tomcat and his temper is similar to Rolex in the sweetest ways, he is simply such a cutie. And his coat is perfect.

CFA Champion Islandcat O'Toole Bounty

Please click here to view O'Toole's pedigree

O'Toole and his pedigree is a dream come true for me: This very sweet boy has been blessed with a lovely and very sturdy body - on top of his beautful facial features.

Dear Suzanne Bouchard, I simply cannot thank you enough for letting your O'Toole move into my home.

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