CH Boromir Iron Lady

Parents: Boromir Iron Maiden & Olmocabe Ragetti

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Wulfi is the founding cat of my cattery, and what a starter: Not only does she have a goatee on her thin, very black markings under her feet and bobcat earmarkings on her ears, her coat still develops new patterns and she almost always passes on her beautiful eyes and forehead onto her offspring. She is heterozygous positive for the MyPBC3-mutation, which does give me lots of qualms, of course.

CH Sheercoons Silly Shoes

Parents: Boromir Iron Lady & Gittara's Rolex

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Sille is extremely beautiful and she very consistently passes on her beautiful muzzle on to all of her offspring. :)

Sheercoons Black Prawn

Parents: Alberto Tomba Canary Hunter & Boromir Iron Lady

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Prawn is a very beautiful, active and athletic cat.

Her forehead and nose is an impressive (though not perfect) fusion of both of her parents' features. And she has inherited her father's huge paws, while she has inherited the wild-colouring in her coat from her mother.

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