IP Sheercoons Burgundy Spring

Parents: Sheercoons Got Something & Gittara's Rolex

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Burgundy is my biggest cat and also my most masculine cat - he was neutered because he was too masculine. He loves cat shows, since here he gets to show off how great he is. :)

Gittara's Rolex

Parents: Dior Blue vom Gahlenhof & Justcoon La Paz


To be honest, Rolex was a bit of a gamble: I saw his father's beautiful look here on the internet in 2010 and when I was told Biggi and Guido at Cananay Hunter's had kittens, I took the train to south Germany, when Rolex was a 6 weeks old-kitten and saw that he was the perfect male for my cattery. And he has not let me down, he is an extremely gentle, caring and attentive cat who enjoys interacting with every one around him. Rolex is a neuter now and he usually goes by the name "grandpa Rolex" today.

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