About the cattery

My cattery name Sheercoons is a contraction of my name  

"S"igne "Heer"ing combined with the conventional

Maine Coon cattery-ending "-coons".

Welcome to my website

My name is Signe Heering.

I was born in 1979 in Copenhagen, raised in the suburb Vanløse.

I currently live in a small apartment in Amagerbro, while I am studying at University of Copenhagen.

I registered the cattery name "Sheercoons" with FIFé/Felis Danica in April of 2006,

4 years after I first saw the Maine Coon (at a now CFA show, as far as I have been able to look up though the internet) at the Del Mar Fair in San Diego, when I studied and worked in various places in the USA in 2002-04, as a part of my bachelor's degree through Aalborg University in Aalborg. 

Today I still think back on that time, and I still base my choices as a breeder on the realisations I had then. I have been showing my Maine Coons at cat shows since 2006. And when I finally decided to go into breeding cats on my own, it was only because I felt I was missing some particular physical features in the cats that I came across at these cat shows. Success at cat shows is of course always fun, but cat breeding includes some more detective work, which I personally might love maybe even more. I have been an active breeder of the Maine Coon since my first litter was born in April 2009. I try to base my decisions on my cats' health first and foremost, and one might find me and my crew, and our newest litter at some of the FIFe cat shows in the litter-, kitten- and youngster-classes.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you are curious about future matings, or to comment on any part of what is written on this website. Advice is appreciated, always.

You can contact me here or here. Or through facebook - see below.

Sincerely, Signe Heering.